Meet the Teachers


Mrs. Lucy R. Fasanella,

Preschool Director

Lucy Fasanella has worked for the YWCA Trenton at the preschool for the past 20 years. Her work started as a classroom assistant and through the years has progressed to lead teacher, head teacher, and being appointed the director of the preschool last year.


Through the many years of involvement with the school she has developed an understanding of the needs of the children and families who we serve in the community.


It is of utmost importance for us to place the children in age-appropriate classes to meet each child’s individual developmental needs, and to work with the families to prepare each child for their future school experiences in a positive, nurturing way so that when they enter kindergarten they are prepared emotionally, socially, and academically.


It is very interesting and satisfying to watch children who have began their school experiences in our program with the enrichment classes while in attendance with a parent, then moving on to classes where they experience a little time away from Mom by themselves, and then finally onto our regular preschool classes where they are ready to flourish away from the family unit with the confidence they need to succeed in the elementary school environment.

Mrs. Mary Anne Leonard, Assistant Director

Mary Anne has been associated with the YWCA Trenton for over 20 years--first as a parent, then as a teacher, and most recently as an administrator here at the preschool.


“Over the years many things have changed but the one thing that stays constant is the commitment of this school to give each student a quality preschool education. It is here that we lay the foundation for a lifetime love of learning. The children are so excited to come to class each day. It is a joy to spend time with them knowing you have a hand in shaping our future. It’s an awesome task and a huge responsibility but I love each and every day here at Young Wonders,” says Mary Anne.


I look forward to many more years here at the preschool and I believe that the best is still ahead!

Mrs. Liza Zauner, Marketing Manager


Being affiliated with the YWCA since 1977, Liza has watched this preschool flourish. Throughout these years she has held positions including teacher, director and board member. Currently she has taken on the role of Marketing Manager where she is actively expanding our current preschool and enrichment programs.


Our 2010-2011 Lead Teachers:


YWCA's Young Wonders Preschool Teachers
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Pictured from left to right are our Classroom Lead Teachers Sandy Palazzolo, Christine Addeo, Colleen Cestare, Lucy Fasanella, Mary Anne Leonard and Lori Monaco. The majority of our lead teachers have been working at the preschool for over 15 years. Their high energy level and enthusiasm for the children and families they serve is hard to match at any other school. They are a truly dedicated staff who encourage their students to excel at their own individual learning levels by providing a varied and interesting curriculum for each level they teach.


Our 2010-2011 Assistant Teachers:


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Pictured from left to right are our Classroom Assistant Teachers Jessica Lewis, Kim Yurcisin, Colleen Cestare, Shirley Nami and Claudia Schutts. Our classrooms could not possibly run as smoothly as they do without the assistance of these women. They are the Lead Teachers’ right hand and offer so much to the children of the program through their gentle encouragement, untiring patience and invaluable assistance in each classroom.



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