It all begins with how much they believe in themselves!

Help us make their dreams for tomorrow a REAL possibility.

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The YWCA provides many programs and services that would not be possible without the support of the community. We help children believe in themselves through activities that promote and build self-esteem.


We are grateful to our donors who generously help the women, children and families we serve daily. By supporting our mission, you have the ability to make a tremendous difference in their lives!

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Where do the donations go?

Your donations go directly to provide services to those who need it most!



After School Programs

It's a sad reality that many children do not have a place 'to be' after school. The YWCA's after school programs for boys and girls offers both educational and recreational activities including arts and crafts, computer, health & fitness, drama, cooking, dance and character education.


Our available funding dictates the number of chidren we can serve. A donation of $50 allows the YWCA to provide services and transportation for one child one week. A donation of $65 can purchase art supplies for a child for an entire year, while a donation of $20 can purchase a new board game.

If you would like to sponsor a child for an entire school year, click here.


Summer Camp


Changing the World,

one Friendship at a Time!


That is the theme of our summer camp, where little ones learn about the richness of diversity. Children are provided an opportunity to make new friends from diverse backgrounds. Children from Trenton, Hamilton, and other communities discover they are interested in the same movies, same music and sports. These shared interests spark kids to learn more about each other.


Our children participate in weekly field trips. It costs the YWCA approximately $10 per child for each field trip, which range from picnics by the lake to museum visists. A donation of $13 provides a T-shirt for one child; while a donation of $37 provides transportation for one child for an entire week.





Dunham Hall Residence for Women

The YWCA's Dunham Hall is a 90-bed (SRO) Single Room Occupancy Residence for single women. We provide a safe, nurturing and supportive housing to formerly homeless or very low-income women as their first in their journey to achieve self-sufficiency. Most of our residents are victims of domestic abuse.

A donation of $80 can purchase sheets, comforters, blankets and towels for a new resident. Many of the women that arrive at Dunham Hall do not own these basic items.


Job Placement Program

The YWCA's award-winning Job Placement Program has helped thousands of men and women find employment worthy of their skills, earn a living wage, and become productive members of society. We teach participants basic job-search and job-retention skills. It restores self-confidence and guides through the entire application journey.


Our goal is to help the unemployed return back to work, earn a living wage, and become successful productive members of society.


Through regularly scheduled job fairs (pictured on the right), we bring potential employers with potential employees.


A donation of $35 purchases important materials for the participants to successfully complete the program.




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